Matthew Collin (username4u) wrote in xlegionofdoomx,
Matthew Collin

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Calling all evil do'ers!

Mwuahahahahahaha! Being the genius I am, (And with a little help from Bazzaro.) I have come up with an ingenius evil plot! We will go out (together? sperately?) and commit acts of evil (i.e. Placing embarrasing products in poeples carts, Jay Walking, not flushing toilets, ect. ect.)everywhere causing global chaos! Should we vidoetape for personal amusement? Your lastest project is to answer my questions, (Look cosely, they're there.) and come up with evil plots that may indeed cause global chaos. Bizzaro, good thinking! Evil Brownie Points ofr you!
Plotting to drive the world insane evilly,
Lex Luthor
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